SYSTEMA is a consortium of international and non profit art initiatives taking place annually in Marseille. It is a celebration of the many forms of independence the invited projects are bringing along presenting get together installations in historical venues of Marseille’s center. Additionally, SYSTEMA functions as an opportunity for project spaces to test new environments and modes of public programming.

SYSTEMA internally curates their guests each year based on spontaneous or long-lasting affinities.

1, 2 & 3 September 2023

Friday | 2 – 9 pm |10 pm – 2 am

Saturday |2 – 11 pm 

Sunday |2 – 7 pm 

Palais Carli · Marseille

The Palais Carli is a historical venue located in the center of Marseille. Built in the 17th century, it has served as different institutions such as the public library, the institute of arts, the museum of fine arts or nowadays a music and theater conservatory. Originally constructed as a private mansion, the venue gained prominence as the Palais des Arts, hosting a range of cultural and artistic events, including exhibitions, performances, and gatherings.


1 Pl. Auguste et François Carli, 13006 Marseille



Ampersand is a cooperative structure run by the editor Alice Dusapin and the artist Martin Laborde. It is a program looking at artistic enterprise. It includes but is not limited to exhibitions. It is closely linked to the publishing house Daisy and the magazine octopus notes.



bbberlin is a nomadic exhibition platform founded by Mickael Marman. Since its start in 2019, bbberlin has shown mainly solo presentations in the often changing residences of the founder Mickael Marman, but also collaborated with exhibition spaces in Berlin and abroad.

In what way bbberlin will continue in the coming years, only time can tell..

Belsunce Projects

Belsunce Projects is an exhibition space based in Marseille, founded by Won Jin Choi and Basile Ghosn in 2018. BP is an independent and associative space whose aim is to broadcast contemporary creation to a wide audience at local and international scale. BP perceives its programmation as a “forme ouverte“, an experience continuously renewing itself. Its theoretical and artistic researches are based on the tight links we knot with fellow artists and curators we encounter. Our actions take plural forms: cartes blanches, personal and collective exhibitions, talks and reading clubs, panels … these are the actions that can take place within but also outside of the space.

BP is a confluent space that uses its curatorial projects as a tool to build a network between local and international art workers. We have functioned as a nomadic project space since 2021.


Café des Glaces

The Café des Glaces is an iconic building in downtown Tonnerre, known for its past as a café, hotel and ballroom.
It has been, since Spring 2021, an artist-run-space founded and managed by a couple and duo of artists Haydée Marin & Camille Besson. A place of creation, residency and meetings. It is above all a place of sharing and conviviality anchored in the Tonnerrois, where invited artists, welcomed in residence, can address a public in the making, across cultural barriers. Their aim is to perform far from the metropolis without giving up on anything they need and their ambition is to perpetuate the structure they have built.


The Café des Glaces proposes an update of the artist-run-spaces model to exchange, produce and share an appetite for new questions with unexpected answers on a large scale.


Giselle is a grandma living in the south west of France. She has a house with a garden and a dog named Gaya. Beyond everyday care of these beings, she reads in the mornings, then spends her afternoons casually meeting the street residents and inquiring. Her interactions bring the neighborhood together.


Run by Lucas Jacques-Witz and Ryder Morey-Weale, Giselle’s is a research project devoted to editorial formats expanding through a range of public programs, exhibitions, residencies, a physical archive and a dedicated acquisition fund. In 2021, Giselle’s founded SYSTEMA with Gufo and Voiture14 in Marseille.


Gufo, an address, a proposal directed towards the other. It questions individual and collective means of action and subsistence; economic and contextual conditions; energies and inherent expenses. Through the cooperative production of bread with artists, amateurs, craftsmen and those who simply wish to knead, Gufo deploys its collective power. Since 2021, Gufo is co-publishing HOOT with Traduttore, traditore.


Juf is an independent space and publisher based in Madrid, that explores the relationship between poetry, art, theatre and desire. Curated by Bea Ortega Botas and Leto Ybarra, Juf’s programme is interested in thinking along with different scriptural economies; permutations of sound, rhythm and tone; theatrical resistances to realism and coherence; and various grammars and architectures linked to rhetoric, deception, ventriloquism, drag or saturation in order to contest official narratives and vacuums.


Originally publishing a series of online PDFs in which artists and poets were invited to dialogue about a specific theme, over time Juf has continued evolving with the organisation of poetry events, workshops, exhibitions, performances and talks. So far, Juf has collaborate with Aurélien Potier, Geo Wyeth, K.R.M Mooney, Bri Williams, Olivia Douglass, Benjamin Krusling, Tarek Lakhrissi, Kashif Sharma-Patel, Renee Gladmann, Nisha Ramayya, S*an D. Henry Smith and Raquel Salas Rivera amongst other artists and poets.

Kunsthalle Freeport

KUNSTHALLE FREEPORT is a non-profit artist-run space founded by Alisa Heil in 2017. Kunsthalle Freeport has been occupying a variety of spaces in order to conduct exhibition projects.


Each of the past loactions – in Athens, Berlin, Bangkok and Porto – were giving a unique quality to the exhibitions and have challenged the artists to respond not only implicitly to their environment. Since late 2019 the project was located inside Centro Comercial Cultural STOP, a subcultural space and former shopping mall hosting a variety of artists and musicians, in Porto, Portugal. Kunsthalle Freeport thrives to be open and responsive towards the vital crossculturation of our globally integrating world and aims to establish a safe space for dialogues within contemporary art discurse and beyond.

Lateral Roma

Lateral Roma was founded by Geraldine Tedder and Mathias Ringgenberg in October 2020 and is run by a team of artists and curators, currently: Marta Federici, Jazmina Figueroa, Tobias Koch, and Mathias Ringgenberg.

Lateral Roma is dedicated to a variety of artistic formats and aims to present the work of young artists from Switzerland and abroad in exhibitions and events online and in its physical space. It positions itself in dialogue with Rome’s flourishing cultural scene while engaging internationally with artists outside of Rome.

We are a self-organized project broadening our program beyond exhibition formats into a wider field of exchange, production, and research. Lateral Roma’s programming is based on lateral thinking. Lateral thinking, as opposed to vertical thinking, is rooted in the erotic; it is fantastical, even irrational thinking that does not follow an obvious train of thought. It challenges routine, pattern, and norm, representing their symbolic resistance. It is playful, sometimes strange and surreal, and follows principles such as mistake/accident/humor… “You can park anywhere you like, as long as you like, as long as you leave your headlights full on.

At Lateral Roma, the approach often draws from queer-feminist theory and practice. We are interested in presentations in diverse mediums – from exhibitions to participatory formats such as listening sessions, performative dinners, workshops, readings, film screenings, and talks. Over time, a community has developed around Lateral Roma, which gathers a varied audience in terms of age and background, also thanks to programming that includes both artists from younger generations and more established artists. We desire to foster the emergence of exchanges, and conversations and to address the urgencies of the present through the definition of unexpected creative strategies.


Loner is a curatorial project initiated by Gilles Jacot in Mai 2022. It proposes a platform for art in the attic of: 15 Rue Jacques Kable 75018 Paris. Besides the opening, it is open by appointment only.


Marwan is a collective body through which making space is practiced by stretching, shrinking, s l o w i n g, growing limbs, and hibernating. Marwan aims to build sustainable, supportive scaffoldings through which artists in and connected to Amsterdam can practice and celebrate their work. We consider Marwan a collective practice that is materialised in close dialogue with the artists and objects that we host.

Marwan is an ongoing exercise in exhibition making and programme composition that questions notions of production and efficiency that push artist-run spaces into unsustainable modes of work. Marwan is known for holding intimate space for it’s visitors: a growing audience of locals, passerbys and neighbors.

Marwan was founded in 2016 and is currently located at Fokke Simonszstraat 12, Amsterdam, NL, which is the former storage space and partly (back room) boiler room of gallery AKINCI, who has kindly offered Marwan access to the space since 2018.


MRZB is an artistic collective based between Turin and Amsterdam that includes Andrea Parenti, Désirée Nakouzi De Monte, Filippo Tocchi and Pietro Cortona. Its nomadic and collaborative practice questions the process of creation as an agglomeration of tensions and forces.


MRZB relates to the marginal, the domestic, the discarded and the suburban as removed psychedelic and hallucinatory cosmos— to transverse the specters and residues of a centripetal and massified reality. In recent years, the collective has articulated its practice into a series of mise-en-scènes. Appropriating the formats of the spectacle and taking them adrift, MRZB has produced polyphonic assemblages, pathetic and exaggerated microcosms that incorporate and re-signify the detrita of contemporary culture.

One gee in fog

one gee in fog is an artist-run space committed to exploring the entanglements of art and literature, and to promoting young cultural practitioners engaging with visual arts, writing and research by the means of the arts. one gee in fog includes an exhibition space, a residency, an online platform named two gees in eggs, and a library and publishing platform called three gees in luggage.

founded in 2014 in chêne-bourg (geneva) by ceel mogami de haas and lucas cantori, one gee in fog has been run till the present moment by lucas cantori and camilla paolino. since 2023, the annual programmation of the space is in charge of a curatorial team composed by azadbek bekchanov, elisa gleize, katia leonelli, danniel tostes and tara ulmann.


Pinacoteca is an artist association based in Vienna that has been realizing cultural events in changing contexts and formats since its founding year in 2013. The association organizes an international program in its exhibition space in Vienna and abroad. Since 2023, Pinacoteca is run by Bruno Mokross with Francis Ruyter, Brishty Alam and Luīze Nežberte.



Pols is a non-profit contemporary art project space dedicated to researching, producing and exhibiting work. Our programme supports artists to develop critical discourse, active research and experimental projects through commissions. The projects are articulated through exhibitions, performances and study groups.

We’ve been mainly working the format of the solo show, this makes possible a closer and careful accompaniment of the invited artists and their creative processes. This format has generated a series of curatorial lines, ways of understanding materials and the productive circuits in which they are inserted. Bearing in mind the circular economy, an inclination towards perishable elements, site-specific projects —often ephemeral— working on producing intensities rather than objects.

Generating tangible and intangible artistic processes as well as contemporary thought that arises from matter and overflows it. From Pols, we welcome artists from the emerging local context, where we seek to facilitate the creation of local networks. We also welcome projects by national and international artists to generate larger networks that inform future movements.



Where the utopian-pittoresque Charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory illusion mixes grotesquely with the consumerist calculations of shopping malls, Stella was an exhibition space in a former chocolate store in the Ring-Center 1 in Berlin.

Between adhesive foils, spotlights, MDF walls and showcases, it attempted to find a way of dealing with the affect economies of baroque consumerism and to explore the relationship to these structures with artistic narratives. Therefore, 2-4 artists* were invited in each exhibition, who – detached from their own social context – come together anew in functional spaces, forms of presentation consisting of layering, surfaces and staged worlds.
This possibility given by the character of the space to expand artistic fields of work allowed a critical but also playful examination of art as commodity, aesthetics, phenomenon and above all social environment.


‘Technoship’ is a curatorial project initiated by artist Nathaniel Kochan. The name is borrowed with permission from a currency exchange, phone and electronics shop in central London.


Technoship acts as a banner under which skilled creative’s artwork is placed and presented to engage with contemporary modes of spectacular production, placing the viewers experience with the pieces as a site of new meaning creation.

Terzo Fronte

Terzo Fronte is an independent space created in 2021 in Rome, Italy, by Georgia René-Worms and Colin Ledoux. Terzo Fronte borrows its modus operandi from literature, and is constructed chapter by chapter. The space was conceived as a place of narrative experimentation, like a living book.

“It’s a book about a political approach to art, which would be put to the test through production experiments with artists. To do this, we decided on the subjects of six chapters, which we proposed to share with different artists. They came to work with us, and each time we produced an exhibition together in our rented flat in Rome. We insist on the rental character of this flat because it carries with it the economic issues of living and sharing. The domestic space, its economy, the relationship to communal life and the relationship between art and this domestic space are at the heart of our narrative experience.

Terzo Fronte aims to be an active laboratory for exchange, connection and circulation between the Franco-Italian and international art scenes, exploring the ecosystems of narrative and the workings of art.

Each of the pieces proposed for Systema transposes forms of life experienced in the Terzo Fronte flat.

Uma Certa Falta de Coerência

Uma Certa Falta de Coerência (A Certain Lack of Coherence) is a project based on the supportive relationship and mutual help between artists.
Its name is a direct reference to Jimmie Durham’s book, where themes such as cultural politics, identity and minority are addressed.

Situated at Rua dos Caldeireiros in Porto since 2008, the project has already presented artists from different origins and generations, bringing together unknown or local and internationally established artists. In a close dialogue with the artists, it has presented the work of Pedro G. Romero, Josephine Pryde, Dan Graham, William Wegman, Silvestre Pestana, Luisa Cunha, Pirata, Wily, Merlin Carpenter, Alisa Heil, Cynthia Girard, Ruchama Noorda, Bernat Daviu or June Crespo, among others.

Over the years Uma Certa Falta de Coerência has been invited to collaborate with Astrup Fearnley Museet (Oslo 2014), Contemporary Museum of Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, Cal. 2017), Twenty Years (Berlin, 2018). In 2019, Uma Certa Falta de Coerência presented “9Kg of Oxygen”, a major group show, at Galeria Municipal do Porto.

Voiture 14

Voiture 14 is a curatorial project based in Marseille, founded by Myriam Mokdes in 2018.

Its endeavour provides a platform that enables meetings where artists and projects are configuring special moments that explore the entanglements of alternative music and visual arts.

In 2021, Voiture 14 founded SYSTEMA with Giselle’s and Gufo in Marseille.


Artur Varela, Ana Jotta, Jimmy DeSana; Urd J. Pedersen, Sarah Rosengarten, Fatou M. Åsbakk, Tore Wallert, Tomás Nervi, Michael Sullivan, Knut Ivar Aaser, Burkhard Beschow, Melanie Kitti, Vera Karlsson, Magnus Andersen, Claudia Lemke, Clara Hausmann, Anne Fellner, David Tannenbaum, Steven Paul, Mickael Marman; Aaron Amar Bhamra, Jean Feline, Johanna Charlotte Trede; Haydée Marin Lopez & Camille Besson; Shanzhai Lyric; Perla Zúñiga aka JOVENDELAPERLA, Nat Marcus, Cruel Nurse collective (Yves B. Golden, Nat Marcus, Stephen Hill); Mauro Cerqueira, Chelsea Culprit,  Sofia Duchovny, Alisa Heil, Wieland Schonfelder, Bruno Zhu; Lila de Magalhaes, Beatrice Tabacchi, In’n’out Fragrances, Tobias Koch; Haela Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix; Anllel Maria Tanús Guillén, Dieuwertje Hehewerth, Karin Iturralde Nurnberg, Lorenza Wistuba, Tim Mathijsen, Tirza Kater, Valentina Curandi & Isabelle Sully; Andrea Parenti, Désirée Nakouzi De Monte, Filippo Tocchi, Pietro Cortona, Lynn Suemitsu, Mina Tomic, Ossi Lehtonen; Danniel Tostes, Erell Le Pape, Tara Ulmann; Guillermo Ros, Mar Reykjavik; Georg Thanner, Orpheo Winter, Agata Milizia; Cleo Tabakian, Christel Conchon, Willie Brisco, Kelly Ballett, Cole Denyer, Nathaniel Kochan, Max Kaario, Hiiona Choi, John DeWitt; Adriano Costa, Maxime Bichon, Laurie Charles, Molly Ledoux, Grossi Maglioni, Terzo Fronte: Administration of relationships; Blake Rayne, Stephan Dillemuth, Babi Badalov, Silvestre Pestana; Latefa Wiersch, Fiona Omnes, Samuel Spaniel, Kiernan Francis


Friday 1 September

6 pm | Tobias Koch · sound performance (Lateral Roma)

7 pm | Cuarto de Pastilla (JOVENDELAPERLA and Berenice) · live (Juf)

8 pm | Bella Báguena · live

Saturday 2 September

8 pm | Bryanna Fritz · Submission Submission

9 pm | Bully Fae Collins · Trickster’s Hope

10 pm | Stina Fors · A one woman punk band

Sunday 3 September

2 pm | Daniel Tostes, Erell Le Pape · Reading (one gee in fog)

3 pm | John DeWitt · A Slice of Sardine and I Flounder (Technoship)
3:30 pm | Max Kaario · City Dragon (Technoship)

5 pm | Shanzhai Lyric · Rediscovering Traditional values beaches leisure tome a relaxed attitude (Giselle’s)
6 pm | Tomás Nervi · Performance (bbberlin)



SYSTEMA would like to express gratitude to the team of IFAMM, particularly Beatrice Simonet and Garance Pichet. Our sincere thanks go to Pierre Oudart and everyone who contributed to the development of the project from its inception. We also extend our appreciation to the team of the Conservatoire Pierre Barbizet for their generous support during the planning of SYSTEMA. Additionally, we thank all the volunteers who generously devoted their time and love to the project, as well as the participating artists and projects.

SYSTEMA was founded in Marseille in 2021 by Giselle’s, Gufo and Voiture 14.


Paul Bizcarguenaga


Barbara Quintin
accompanied by Camille Martenot


Clara Juan
Simon Bensussan
Julien Guintrel
Louis Lefebvre
Timothy Maupate
Victor Mizreh


Ryder Morey-Weale

© SYSTEMA, 2021-2023.
Images  courtesy of Systema, participating spaces and artists. Reproduction is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged and cited.
The 2023 edition of SYSTEMA was made possible thanks to the generous support of :
Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian - Délégation en France, qui l'a cofinancé dans le cadre du programme EXPOSITIONS GULBENKIAN pour soutenir l'art portugais au sein des institutions françaises.
INSEAMM - Institut National Supérieur d'Enseignement Artistique Marseille-Méditérranée
IFAMM - Institut de Formation Artistique Marseille-Méditérranée
Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régionnal Pierre Barbizet
Région Sud Provence Alpes Côte d'azur
Ville de Marseille
The 2023 edition of SYSTEMA was made possible thanks to the generous support of :
Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian - Délégation en France, qui l'a cofinancé dans le cadre du programme EXPOSITIONS GULBENKIAN pour soutenir l'art portugais au sein des institutions françaises.
INSEAMM - Institut National Supérieur d'Enseignement Artistique Marseille-Méditérranée
IFAMM - Institut de Formation Artistique Marseille-Méditérranée
Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régionnal Pierre Barbizet
Région Sud Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur
Ville de Marseille
© SYSTEMA, 2021-2023.
Images  courtesy of Systema, participating spaces and artists. Reproduction is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged and cited.